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ChrisD: Radio Show Turns Spotlight on Winnipeg’s Arts, Culture (August 5, 2017)

"A new radio show about to hit the air in Winnipeg is turning the spotlight on some of the city’s rich traditions in arts, culture and music. Chris Reid will host “In The Spotlight” on CJNU..."

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MyToba: Winnipeg Gets New Radio Show About Local Theatre (August 11, 2017)

"Winnipeg is renowned for its rich tradition in arts, culture and music. And “In The Spotlight,” a new radio show, takes us behind the scenes of all that.
It airs every Monday at noon on CJNU with Chris Reid as your host. He focuses on getting to know the people..."

Read full article here.

Lifestyles55 Newspaper: In The Spotlight - August on CJNU (August, 2017 Issue)

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